Welcome to Sera
Group —
Where Financial Insight Drives Business Growth

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Welcome to Sera
Group —
Where Financial Insight Drives Business Growth

Who We Are

  • Founded in 2014, Sera Group is an accounting and financial consulting firm, specializing in CFO and strategic advisory services to growth-stage companies in a variety of sectors including consumer products, technology, manufacturing and service industries. Our comprehensive financial services delve into the granular details of our clients’ transactional data — to provide the intelligence and insights needed to chart a rational, data-driven course to business success.

Personalized Service, Tailored Solutions

  • Each client’s strengths, needs, challenges and objectives are unique. We work closely with our clients to understand what they do and how they do it — the essential foundation for the comprehensive accounting, financial analysis and tailored consultative solutions we deliver.

High Integrity = High Value

  • We believe that principled, transparent accounting is essential for management to objectively monitor and assess business performance. We subject the data derived from the accounting systems to rigorous data analyses to provide our clients a data-informed vision of future opportunities and decision-making.

LINDA KUMAGAI Founder/Consultant

  • Linda Kumagai brings extensive experience in corporate finance, accounting, and M&A from global companies in the packaged foods and digital entertainment industries. Linda is CPA and began her career at Ernst & Young after receiving her degree from the University of Southern California. She and her family reside in southern California, where she has been a lifelong sports fan.
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Comprehensive Accounting Solutions

  • We deliver the full array of services, from day-to-day transactional accounting to complex financial reporting. Our team of accounting professionals ensures your financial statements are accurate, timely and GAAP compliant. We help our clients identify and implement disciplined financial processes and internal controls to ensure their company has a strong financial oversight function.

Investor-Ready Financial Reporting

  • We know that it is vitally important to have ready access to a complete, up-to-date financial reporting package for your company. We ensure that our clients are prepared to respond to requests from investors, bankers and other important stakeholders.

Strategic Growth Modeling

  • We build comprehensive, multi-year strategic models to enable our clients to examine a diversity of scenarios, explore potential outcomes and plan their future with confidence.

Strategic CFO Advisory

  • We provide our clients CFO advisory services on a short-term or ongoing basis. We enjoy building a trusted, collaborative relationship with our clients to navigate the complexities of their businesses, while delivering the CFO-level analytical and advisory services needed to guide the enterprise through growth, investment and beyond.